About Ciety Boutique

We are a female, Black, and Haitian American owned brand, located on the east coast of the United States. Ciety originates from the word society. By dropping the “so” in society, we aim to redefine how we view the world and ourselves. Our purpose is to empower young adults to create their own path through their style. Fashion is a form of self-expression that builds confidence and we aim to help our customers achieve that with our products. 
We Break Societal Standards. We believe that in order to create a more tolerant and accepting society, we must tear down the standards that bound us from being who we truly are. 
We Empower Voices. We use our voice to speak up for what we are most passionate about and refuse to be silenced when we want to be heard. 
We Look Good to Feel Good. We agree that sometimes to feel good on the inside, you need help with looking good on the outside. We aim to make sure that all of our customers look good and feel good too. 
We value each and everyone of our Ciety Mavens, check out our Instagram, @cietyboutique, to connect with us.